Architecture week, workshop | picture: bru:tecture | 2018

Architecture week | picture: bru:tecture | 2017

Air dome during the architecture week | picture: Mathias Claes | 2017

Modular student housing of Willy Van Der Meeren at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel | picture:

Inkbeagle: informed structural design by interactive data visualisation | picture: Lennert Loos | 2019

Campus Etterbeek, Vrije Universiteit Brussel | picture: | 2018

Architectural Engineering

Creating architecture by engineering

VUB Architectural Engineering focusses on "the use of engineering tools to create architecture". This approach is applied on three topics that ask for interdisciplinary studies: the design of lightweight structures, the issue of re-use, and the incorporation of transformations.

Studying at the VUB? Then find the unique atmosphere in our brand new yearbook.

Designing and building, rebuilding and reusing. We have done it all over the past year. You can read how we familiarize our students with these skills and what our researchers put into practice in the 16th yearbook of VUB Architectural Engineering. Come and collect your copy during the last information day before the new academic year, on 7 September. Or if you cannot wait, download the yearbook here.

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