Symposium on Young Heritage (1975-2000)

UCL, Faculty of Medecine, Student housing La Maison médicale. Image: M. Vanhulst ©, 2012.

On February 6-7 2024, VUB Architectural Engineering and cohosted the International Symposium on Young Heritage (1975-2000). The symposium took place at the Royal Library in Brussels. The symposium provided valuable insights into the current state of knowledge regarding the built heritage from 1975-2000 and the contemporary challenges associated with its preservation. Gathering knowledge from across Western Europe, and bridging the gap between policy, research, and practice, the symposium fostered a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in preserving these younger architectural treasures.

Four keynote lectures were delivered by esteemed scholars and experts in the field: Kees Somer [Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, the Netherlands], Harry Lelièvre [], Eric Monin [Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Lille, France], Andreas Putz [Technische Universiteit München, Germany].

Each of the four keynote lectures is linked to one of the four thematic sessions: 1) value assessment, 2) policy instruments, 3) building materials, 4) restoration and conservation. More information on the four sessions can be found here

The Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here.

Organising committee: Marylise Parein [VUB], Stephanie Van de Voorde [VUB], Ine Wouters [VUB], Tom Verhofstadt [], Manja Van Haelen [], Stéphane Demeter []. The symposium fits within the framework of the PhD research by Marylise Parein, which is funded by Innoviris.

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