Ine Wouters

Ine Wouters

Ine WOUTERS (°1972) has a Master of Science in engineering: architecture (VUB, 1996). She became a research assistant in the department of Architectural Engineering at VUB (1996-2002) and finished her PhD in engineering about ‘Renovation of fireproof mills in Brussels: building technology and fire safety’[1] in 2002. After her PhD she combined her work as post-doc assistant at VUB with a position as lecturer at the School of Architecture Provinciaal Hogeschool Limburg (PHL). From 2003 she holds a full position at the department of Architectural Engineering at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and gives (among other) courses on Building technology, Structural renovation techniques and Research methodology. She was head of the Research Lab of Architectural Engineering (2008-2014) and is since 2011 head of the Department of Architectural Engineering.
Her personal research focuses on building techniques and materials in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, focusing on developments in building with cast iron, wrought iron, mild steel and early reinforced concrete. By studying typologies (fire proof mill construction, warehouses, roof trusses, small suspension bridges, glass houses, church roofs…) the evolution during a time period is studied. Next to archive and literature study, the buildings and structures itself are an important object in her research. She aims to deliver new insights in the history of construction and the built heritage which can be applied when determining the historical value of a building. The historical insights are ‘translated’ to be applied during the assessment of historic structures by architects and engineers who are not familiar with nineteenth and twentieth century ways of building and designing.

She supervised the PhD work of Lisa Wastiels (2010, FWO), Michael de Bouw (2010), Leen Lauriks (2012, IWT), Quentin Collette (2014, FWO), Dorien Aerts (2015, Innoviris), Louis Vandenabeele (2018, IWT), Jelena Dobbels (2018, SRP) and Marianne De Fossé (2018, FWO), as well as the ongoing work of Romain Wibaut (FWO), Frederik Vandyck (IRP), Pieter De Raedt and Katarina Chalvatzi (ETHZurich).

She is principal promotor of the Brussels Research Centre for Construction Histories (CHsB) and a member of the Construction History Society (CHS), the International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage (TICCIH), the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS Vlaanderen-Brussel), the Gesellschaft für Bautechnikgeschichte and the Flemish Association for Industrial Archaeology (VVIA).

She was involved in the organisation of the International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (SAHC2016), the International Congress on Construction History (6ICCH, July 2018), the lecture series on 'Les métaux ferreux dans la construction (FABI 2015-17)' and the newly developed program in 'Conservation et restauration du patrimoine architectural/Conservatie en restauratie van het architecturaal stedelijk en landschappelijk erfgoed' (2017-...).


[1] Original Dutch title ‘Renovatie van de Fire Proof Mill in Brussel: renovatie-bouwtechniek-brandweerstand’


PhD research

RENOVATIE van de FIREPROOF MILL in BRUSSEL bouwtechniek-draagvermogen-brandweerstand (Assessment of fireproof mills in Brussels: building technology-capacity-fire resistance)

Date1998 - 2002
SupervisorsMarijke Mollaert and Vandevelde Paul