Marijke Mollaert

Marijke Mollaert

Marijke Mollaert is experienced in the design and analysis of Tensile Surface Structures. She is Executive Secretary of the TensiNet Association She was partner of the European projects Contex-T (2006-10), S(P)EEDKITS (2012-16) and Smartblind (2012-15) and was chair of the COST Action TU1303 (2013-17). She is convener of CEN TC250 WG5 Membrane Structures, the working group is currently developing the Technical Specifications in preparation of a specific Eurocode part for Membrane Structures.

Supervised PhDs

  • The environmental performances of membrane structures.
  • by Zehra Eryuruk
  • Wind-Structure Interactions of Tensile Surface Structures
  • by Jimmy Colliers
  • Annular Crossed Cable-Truss Structures: Numerical and Experimental Verification
  • by Renjie Liu
  • Structural reliability-based design of tensile membrane structures
  • by Elien De Smedt
  • Biaxial Testing of Fabrics - Test methodologies and their impact on material parameters and the structural design process
  • by Maarten Van Craenenbroeck
  • Integrated Analysis of Kinematic Form Active Structures
  • by Silke Puystiens
  • A flexible and structural formwork for concrete shells
  • by Evy Verwimp
  • Lightweight structural concepts for disaster relief sheltering
  • by Jan Roekens
  • Thermal comfort of patients in healthcare facilities
  • by Jan Verheyen
  • Deployable Tensairity Structures : Development, design and analysis
  • by Lars De Laet
  • Scissor-Hinged Membrane Structures - a system for retractable roofs
  • by Tom Van Mele
  • Re-design strategies unmasked. Insights in the architectural design process of adaptive reuse projects
  • by Jonas Lindekens
  • RENOVATIE van de FIREPROOF MILL in BRUSSEL bouwtechniek-draagvermogen-brandweerstand (Assessment of fireproof mills in Brussels: building technology-capacity-fire resistance)
  • by Ine Wouters