Building Knowledge, Constructing Histories

Proceedings 6ICCH, 2018

Building Knowledge, Constructing Histories
Editors: Ine Wouters, Stephanie van de Voorde, Inge Bertels, Bernard Espion, Krista de Jonge, Denis Zastavni
CRC press, 2018, Vol I (698 pages), Vol II (696 pages)

The proceedings 'Building Knowledge, Constructing Histories' bring together the papers presented at the Sixth International Congress on Construction History (6ICCH, Brussels, Belgium, 9-13 July 2018). The contributions present the latest research in the field of construction history and cover various types of buildings and structures, from ancient times to the 21st century, from all over the world. In addition, thematic papers address specific themes and highlight new directions in construction history research, fostering transnational and interdisciplinary collaboration.

This 2 volume bookset is available via CRC press in hardback or e-book.