EXPO Re/Building Brussels

in Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels, from February 10 to March 27

Where do builders find a construction space in Brussels? (c) Photo by Bruce Forton

Opening expo in February 2022

Expo Re/Building Brussels

Expo Re/Building Brussels

How can the construction industry contribute to an inclusive labour market? (c) Archive C.B.R.S. Parqueteries Louis De Waele

How to reinstall a circular economy in Brussels? (c) Fondation CIVA Stichting, Comité d'étude du vieux Bruxelles

The urban space of the Brussels-Capital Region is constantly evolving. Countless contractors, carpenters, plumbers and other artisans have made Brussels the city it is today. However, the sector faces specific challenges. To understand its complex needs, historians, geographers and architectural engineers from Vrije Universiteit Brussel take a new, interdisciplinary look at the Brussels building sector in the exhibition 'Re/Building Brussels', in a historical and contemporary perspective, from 1695 to the present day.

The exhibition presents research results from two interdisciplinary research programs 'Building Brussels' and 'Re-Building Brussels'. It shows the changing relationship between the building sector and the city: Who are Brussels' construction entrepreneurs? How do they work? And where do they find the necessary production space in the city? Pressing challenges emerge that are the starting point for the continuation of the research: how can the construction sector be a pioneer in the creation of a circular economy, and how can it create local employment that contributes to an inclusive labour market in Brussels?

The exhibition could be visited in 2022 from February 10 to March 27, in the centre of Brussels (Halles Saint-Géry). Guided tours in English and Dutch were organised on March 19 & 22.

Click here to download the catalogue of the exhibition. 

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