Louise Huba

Louise Huba

Ir-arch Louise Huba is a PhD researcher at VUB Architectural Engineering. In 2018 she obtained a Master of Science in Engineering: architecture and city design at the University of Ghent. During her studies Louise did research at the department of urban planning at An Najah University (Nablus, Palestine) and studied at CAUP of Tongji University (Shanghai, China). Her master dissertation “Narrating Athlone: Urban History on the cape flats” was a collaboration with the department of humanity sciences of The University of Western Cape (Cape Town, South Africa). It was awarded the “Masterproefprijs 2018 – vakgroep architectuur en stedenbouw Ugent”

From 2018 onwards Louise worked as a researcher and consultant at Rotor asbl/vzw. Among other projects she contributed to the Interreg funded project FCRBE (Facilitating the Circulation of Reused Building elements) and Since October 2021 she started to work as a PhD-researcher at VUB Architectural Engineering. First she collaborated in the Interdisciplinary Research Project Rebuilding Brussels and since January 2022 she works on the research project “From demolition towards preservation: a paradigm shift for Brussels building sector.” This Applied PhD is a collaboration between VUB Architectural Engineering and Rotor, funded by Innoviris.


PhD research

From demolition towards preservation: a paradigm shift for building in Brussels

Date2022 - 2025
SupervisorsStephanie Van de Voorde, Ine Wouters, Lionel Billiet and Michael Ghyoot