Niels De Temmerman

Niels De Temmerman

Prof. dr. ir. arch. Niels De Temmerman (°1977) is a member of the Research Lab for Architectural Engineering (AE-LAB) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium and is chair of the research group ‘TRANSFORM – Transformable Structures for Sustainable Development’. Currently, he co-chairs the Structural Morphology Group (WG 15) of the IASS (International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures). He is an architectural engineer (2002) with a PhD on deployable structures (2007). His main expertise entails the design and analysis of transformable structures (deployable structures and kit-of-parts systems) for architectural applications.

Supervised PhDs

  • The repurposing of our built environment: Circular reconversion of office buildings to housing
  • by Paulien Beeckman
  • Reusable building systems: prototyping lightweight and modular temporary structures
  • by Ellen Leemans
  • A hybrid deployable system of integrated scissors grids and surface-active structures
  • by Ahmed Soliman
  • Enabling circular valorisation of building components and materials: the role of consultancy processes.
  • by Ruben Van Vooren
  • Reimagining vacancy. Circular design guidelines for a responsible redevelopment of vacant buildings.
  • by Gabrielle Kawa
  • Closing the glass loop. Prototyping a practitioner’s road map to valorise end-of-life architectural flat glass.
  • by Esther Geboes
  • Circularity for all. Circular design guidelines towards an accessible qualitative housing market.
  • by Margaux Lespagnard
  • Urban circular projects in Brussels : public stakeholders’ approach to develop circularity
  • by Victor Ooghe
  • Development of a BIM tool to assess the lifelong impacts of Transformable Design
  • by Camille Vandervaeren
  • Protocol for Augmented Parametric Building Information Modelling Components
  • by François Denis
  • Actions for circular architecture: the development of actionable knowledge on circular economy for architectural designers through participatory action research
  • by Charlotte Cambier
  • Bistable Scissor Structures - Computational Design and Modelling
  • by Liesbeth Arnouts
  • Rapidly assembled systems with flexible components: a dialogue between active-bending and transformability
  • by Stijn Brancart
  • Deployable Scissor Grids: Geometry and Kinematics
  • by Kelvin Roovers
  • Scenario based life cycle costing
  • by Waldo Galle
  • Deployable Scissor Structures for Disaster Relief: Multi-Criteria Optimisation and Design for Adaptability
  • by Aushim Koumar
  • Using environmental life cycle assessment to inform decision-making for demountable building elements
  • by Mieke Vandenbroucke
  • Curved-line folding: a technique to design innovative pliable systems for kinetic architectural applications
  • by Aline Vergauwen
  • Parametric Structural Assessment of Deployable Scissor Systems - Optimising the Universal Scissor Component
  • by Lara Alegria Mira
  • Enhancing the adaptable capacity of urban fragments: a methodology to integrate Design for Change in sustainable urban projects
  • by Pieter Herthogs


PhD research

Design and Analysis of Deployable Bar Structures for Mobile Architectural Applications

Date2003 - 2007