Flexible systems for temporary, mobile and transformable event shelters

A Proof of Concept

The ReciPlyDome system can be developed into different configurations.

Events like fairs or cultural activities often require spatial structures. Being temporary, they benefit from rapid assembly, demountability, reuse and reconfiguration potential. Using flexible components moreover allows to produce them more easily, using low-tech connections. At the same time, the transition towards more sustainable construction increases the demand for more sustainable materials and structural solutions.

This proof-of-concept project is funded by VUB TechTransfer and targets the continued development of previously studied structural systems towards marketable solutions for the event industry. It focusses on bending-active systems studied during the PhD work of Stijn Brancart, more specifically the ReciPlyDome system. A market study positions the principle within the wider range of existing systems and user needs, while providing feedback for the detailing and prototyping of more advanced versions of the structure. Amongst other things, this prototyping explores different connections and detailing, cladding systems and an improved assembly process.