Atelier Circulair

Learning network Design for Change and Circularity

Atelier Circulair - VUB Architectural Engineering

Atelier Circulair - VUB Architectural Engineering

Atelier Circulair - VUB Architectural Engineering

Nowadays everyone is talking about 'circularity', but for most clients, designers and contractors it remains a vague concept. In any case, it is certain that the construction and design sector is moving, perhaps more than ever before. To accelerate the transition towards a circular design practice, sector organisation Network Architecten Vlaanderen NAV and VUB Architectural Engineering join forces with the support of Circular Flanders in this Open Call project.

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Like any change, circular construction brings challenges, but also offers new opportunities. For designers, circular building not only incorporates the already established energy requirements, it brings also the dynamic life cycle of the building into the picture as wel las the environmental impact of the use of materials. It offers an opportunity for a broader, more integrated and well-considered approach to sustainability thinking.

With this new Learning Network, NAV and VUB Architectural Engineering bring the frontrunner in circular construction together. In 8 sessions we examine which design choices really reduce our material impact, and how architects have already translated practical problems into innovative solutions. We collect good examples and initiate new collaborations.


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Are you an architect and does the above sound inspiring to you? In that case Atelier Circulair is made for you. You will find yourself in an environment where fellow architects exchange their professional knowledge in an informal atmosphere.

The first meeting will take place in October 2019. Apply here.


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