Construction History, Above and Beyond. What History Can Do for Construction History

This research project is funded through the EOS programme (jointly financed by FWO and FNRS to promote collaborations between researchers from the Flemish and French-speaking community).

overview of disciplines & researchers

The EOS research project “Construction History, Above and Beyond. What History Can Do for Construction History” will set up a dialogue (in terms of sources, methodologies, concepts and cognitive interests) between Construction History and three other fields of history, namely Colonial History, Legal History and Planning History. As such, the project sets out to strengthen the historical dimension of Construction History, while simultaneously demonstrating its relevance and potential to other fields and disciplines. The project overall concentrates on selected aspects in 19th and 20th -century building knowledge and building practice in Belgium and its former colony, with particular attention for tacit knowledge, in order to voice crucial yet underrated actors, sources and types of knowledge. The project is directed by professors Michiel Dehaene (UGent), Dave De ruysscher (VUB, Tilburg University), Rika Devos (ULB), Johan Lagae (UGent), Stephanie Van de Voorde (VUB) and Ine Wouters (VUB). In total 3 PhD researchers and 4 post-doc researchers are hired.

Contact for more information

Prof. Michiel Dehaene (UGent)
Prof. Dave De ruysscher (VUB, Tilburg University)
Prof. Rika Devos (ULB)
Prof. Johan Lagae (UGent)
Prof. Stephanie Van de Voorde (VUB)
Prof. Ine Wouters (VUB)