Louis Debersaques

Louis Debersaques

Louis Debersaques is a historian who was trained at the University of Ghent (2022, MA History, summa cum laude). His master’s thesis focused on common sensical knowledge and historical expertise as used within the societal British “culture war”. This rhetorical-epistemological research was theoretically based on mythical speech (Roland Barthes), therapeutic/populist retrospection (Aviezer Tucker; Hakkı Taş) and metahistory (Hayden White).

Soon after graduating, he worked as researcher on the EU funded project on the professionalization process of interior architecture (as part of the European BSCP program) at the University of Antwerp (2022-2023). This process was predominantly determined by the legislative framework of (interior) architecture in 15 different European countries. The project was commissioned by the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) and funded by the European Commission. This year of research and analysis culminated into a keynote lecture at the 31st ECIA General Assembly Conference in Stockholm (September 2023) where he presented the main points of the eventual European report.

To further follow his passion for (meta)history and his personal interest for both architectonic research and legal embeddedness/diffusion in general, he works since 2023 on the EOS project: Construction History, Above and Beyond. What History Can Do for Construction History at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. This doctoral research focuses on practical/normative knowledge and expertise in historical construction litigation in Belgium (19th-20th century) - supervised by prof. Dave De ruysscher and prof. Stephanie Van de Voorde.