Ann Verdonck

Ann Verdonck

Dr. Arch. MSc Conservation,

  • 2006: Doctor in Archaeology and Art, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • 1994: Graduate Master in restoration and conservation, Centre Professor Lemaire, KU Leuven
  • 1989: Graduate Architecture, Hoger Architectuurinstituut Sint-Lucas, Gent
  • 1984: Graduate Interior Design, Hoger Architectuurinstituut Sint-Lucas, Gent

Ann Verdonck taught at St. Lucas University College (Hoger Architectuurinstituut Sint-Lucas Gent) from 1989 until 1995 when she became an assistant professor at the KU Leuven. Since 1998 she has been professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering). As heritage researcher she founded the research studio Fenikx bvba in 2008 (Gentbrugge, Belgium).

After finishing her PhD. ‘De zoektocht van architect Huib Hoste (Brugge 1881 - Hove 1957) naar de nieuwe betekenis van kleur in de architectuur. Modernistische kleurinterventies versus hedendaagse restauratiestrategieën’ Verdonck specialized further in 20th century finishes in the Belgian context. Ann Verdonck is supervising 3 PhDs on interwar heritage and finishes (Liesbeth Dekeyser PhD in 2015 and Yves Govaerts PhD in 2019, Margot Missoorten ongoing). On a regular bases she publishes her research in national and international journals (JAC, Relicta, M&L, Erfgoed, etc.) and participates in national and international conferences (STREMAH, SAHC, APR, BRK-APRO, Historisch Interieur, etc.). She is member of the expert team of the living lab project of four listed houses in the interwar garden district Klein Rusland (Zelzate 1921-1928). Ann Verdonck is also a member of the Royal Commission of Monuments and Sites of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Supervised PhDs

  • Preservation of Belgian interior heritage. Rational interwar kitchens: concept, construction and conservation
  • by Margot Missoorten
  • Verf op rollen? De rol van behangpapier in het Belgisch interbelluminterieur
  • by Eline Stoop
  • Restoration strategies for stone imitating renders: Development of a tool for composing repair mortars
  • by Yves Govaerts
  • Material history and study of cimorné decorative cement render: from interwar craftsmanship to contemporary restoration guidelines
  • by Liesbeth Dekeyser


PhD research

De Zoektocht van Huib Hoste (1881-1957) naar de nieuwe betekenis van kleur in de architectuur. Modernistische kleurinterventies versus hedendaagse restauratiestrategieen

Date2002 - 2006
SupervisorsLambrecht Jeanine and Coomans de Brachene Thomas