March 2019

Lars De Laet elected member of Jonge Academie

Jonge Academie (in English Young Academy) elected this year eleven new members following an open call. One of those top scientists is VUB professor Lars De Laet.

Lars De Laet studies material-efficient constructions for sustainable architecture and infrastructure at VUB Architectural Engineering. With his team, he develops digital design tools and robotic manufacturing methods to make buildings, bridges, tents and other structures as efficient as possible. In addition, Lars develops, in an interdisciplinary team, bio-based building materials they cultivate themselves, and that prevent the extraction of natural resources.

Jonge Academie is an interdisciplinary and interuniversity meeting place for young top researchers and artists with their own view of science, society, art and policy. Through positions, opinions and events on current topics, she wants to contribute to the public perception of science and to the debate about science policy, specifically from the perspective of the young academic and artist.

Together with the other new members, Lars was inaugurated on Tuesday March 12, 2019, at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels.

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