May 2024

8th Architectural Finishes Research Conference: Past forward, from paint to finishes

An international conference on historical finishes of built heritage, organized by the Low Countries. 29 May – 1 June 2024

Specialists from around the world in the field of historic Architectural Finishes Research (AFR) will meet in Amsterdam from 29 May through 1 June for the eighth international AFR conference. This four-day international event will be a platform to exchange ideas and new developments in the interpretation, preservation, documentation, and management of historical finishes. We will also seek common ground leading to improved communication and a mutual understanding between the various stakeholders of historic sites where such finishes are preserved. This conference promises to be an ideal opportunity to nurture a more professional and cohesive global Architectural Paint and Finishes Research community.

‚ÄčThe organizing partners hope to provide the perspective of the Low Countries on research into historic finishes in built heritage. Based on various themes, the similarities and differences between Low Country AFR practice and the rest of the world will be explored. Topics to be considered include: Do we speak the same AFR language concerning the topics of this conference? What can we learn from our differences, and can we find commonality to work on standardizing the practice of AFR into a more organized profession?

‚ÄčThe organizing partners invite everyone invested in the preservation and study of historic architectural finishes to take part in this international event, share the latest research, learn from each other, and help build a strong, global AFR community.

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