Reason and engage, freethinking about people and society

You study at VUB, possibly the most freethinking university in Flanders and beyond. And, naturally, you’re also a freethinker. Swimming against the current is your thing. With the Reason and Engage course, you turn freethinking into free action!

Reason and Engage?

Reason and Engage is an interdisciplinary course. Interdisciplinary means that, together with students from different courses, you think critically about important social challenges. The Reason and Engage course isn't just blah blah, it’s very tangible. How does it work?

Every year, a different Brussels organisation submits a proposal which you can work on with other students. These projects stem for the real challenges or needs of the Brussels organisation. The result? A well-considered and unconventional plan of action through which you can actually help the organisation with its future operations.

This academic year, Reason and Engage is already in its sixth year, and will tackle poverty. Thinking about the inequality between rich and poor. Does this inequality threaten democracy and peace? What needs to be done to close or narrow the gap? Just how wealthy do we need to be to live well? And finally, the key question: can we eliminate poverty? Over four evenings, you and others will examine the challenge of poverty from different angles.

The Reason and Engage course needs you. Are you also splendidly freethinking and do you want to get involved? Then come and prove it this academic year!

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Contact details

Projectleader: Bieke Abelshausen

Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus: Building C, 5th floor, room 451

TEL: +3226292415


*As an Urban Engaged University, we call upon our VUB community to help build a better world through social engagement. On the "The World Needs You" platform, the VUB collects socially meaningful projects on which students, staff, alumni and sympathisers can collaborate. These projects do not represent the university. The initiatives and communication are the responsibility of the project organisers and do not represent the university's position.