VUB Main Campus

Learning and Innovation Center (LIC)

On the border between the VUB Main Campus and the ULB Campus, the Learning & Innovation Centre (LIC) is currently being built. The near-zero energy building will house diverse learning environments: quiet rooms for individual study, classrooms for collaborative work, experimentation centres for small group activities, and active learning rooms. The construction has begun and for the duration of the works, the passage between entrances 6 and 13 is closed to all vehicles and pedestrians.

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Willy Van Der Meeren student residences

Generations of students have had the time of their lives here: the iconic student residences on the VUB Main Campus. Now, after more than 50 years, they are being renovated and redesigned into rooms for research groups, classrooms and meeting rooms, and a living lab for the design, development and execution of renovation strategies of post-war architecture. The outdoor environment is also being addressed, with attention to biodiversity, water recuperation and infiltration, signalling, lighting, surfacing, and so on.

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The Braem Building

The Braem Building on the VUB Main Campus is one of the landmarks of Brussels. It was completed in 1976 and is currently, more than 50 years later, undergoing thorough renovation. The works on the first two floors have been completed, and now the other floors are taken care of. The floors will be redesigned according to the original design by Renaat Braem, the central staircase and the murals will be restored. The renovation is expected to be completed in 2023.

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Renovation building G 

Building G is where the teaching and research activities of the Faculties of Sciences and Bio-engineering Sciences take place. The building dates from 1975 and is no longer up to today's standards in terms of energy and installation, and the equipment is outdated. That is why it is renovated layer by layer. The two upper floors are currently being tackled and redesigned for state-of-the-art laboratories. A new technical floor will be built on the roof of the building. These works will last until 2023.

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Renovation building L 

Starting in January 2023, building L, which houses the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, will be renovated. The sports halls and the teaching and research spaces will be renovated and the entrance and reception of the sports facilities will be relocated. There will also be the VechtExpertiseCentrum (VEC). The works will last until after the summer of 2024.

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VUB Health Campus

Children's Theodoor campus

A day care centre, a Child and Family Advice Bureau, a House of the Child facility, premises for CAW Brussels, the kindergarten and primary school of GO!, after-school care and rooms for the scouts: children's Theodoor campus is a place where childcare, school and after-school care are seamlessly connected. The campus has been selected by the Flemish government as a pilot project for the development of a 'Doorgaande Lijn'. The beautiful buildings will be officially opened in the autumn of 2022.

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VUB Usquare Campus

The VUB Usquare Campus is a joint project of the VUB, ULB and the Brussels-Capital Region. On the site of the former military barracks a new, mixed urban district will be created that will meet the residents' needs for housing, facilities and quality of life. The campus will reinforce Brussels' position as the largest student city in Belgium, an important university centre in Europe, the national capital and an international metropolis and crossroads of cultures amid numerous initiatives in collective intelligence, research and innovation. This should be achieved in the course of 2028.

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