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How to apply? 

You can send a request to the Facilities Management department. They are responsible for the scheduling of all non-educational activities in the classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms and conference rooms at the VUB Main Campus and VUB Usquare Campus.

Complete the online reservation form

Indicate what kind of activity you want to organise, when and for how many people. 

Please note that in order for us to process your request, you must fill in the reservation form completely and correctly. 

 Reservation form

After submitting your application
  • The form is automatically sent to the Facilities Management department.
  • The team will propose a venue that is suitable for the number of attendees, in line with the desired facilities.

Please note that your request in no way implies automatic allocation of the desired venue. Requests are processed in the order in which we receive them. 

After approval of your application
  • Once your application has been approved, you will receive confirmation by e-mail with a link to the Room Hire Regulations and additional agreements. The confirmation letter serves as an agreement for the provision of the requested venue. The agreement also mentions the applicable rental rate, the possible cleaning costs and the safety regulations to be observed.
  • You must return the signed agreement to the Facilities Management department.

Application deadlines 

  • Simple application: 1 room for 1 event at 1 time, no preparation time required.

    Request your reservation at least 3 working days in advance.
  • Combined application: multiple rooms for a one-day or multi-day event or several days within one period.

    Request your reservation at least 10 working days in advance.
  • Extensive activities: e.g. a study day.

    Request your reservation at least 1 month in advance.

Please note that if the deadlines are not respected, the application can be refused and timely processing can no longer be guaranteed.

Requests for events in a subsequent academic year cannot be confirmed until the class schedules for that academic year have been confirmed. As a university, we guarantee priority booking for our core task of education. 

Are you organising a conference?

For conferences we kindly ask you to e-mail  infradesk@vub.be so that we can check availability.

Note: conferences must first be approved internally.

Reservation form facilities

Are you an internal or external organisation? *
Description of the event and date
Day event


Note: Most VUB-rooms are only available when there are no acadamic activities.

Auditorium (fixed furniture)
Room with loose furniture
Reception / reception areas
Do you have planned catering activities? *
Welke soort catering
  • Catering is to be organised by yourself. (Search "Catering at the VUB")
  • Delivery of catering equipment is only possible during the preparation time stated above and collection is only possible during the specified cleaning time.
  • It is forbidden to cook in the premises. Only heating food is possible with electric bain maries. This rule also applies to external caterers.
Do you want extra cleaning in advance? *
Do you need additional electrical power (>16A)? *
Note: Violations of regulations regarding electrical installations (as stated in the premises regulations) are at the tenant's expense.
Would you like audiovisual support? *
Note: When you apply, you automatically agree to the classroom regulations. You declare that you agree to take full responsibility for the activity and its effects (eg damage). The university can address you at any time. You leave the requested location in the state (cleanliness) in which it was found. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the removal of waste (glass, PMD, paper, rest ...) to the various waste ports. If this is not the case, an extra cleaning cost will be charged. It is prohibited to endanger the safety of students, staff and / or visitors or to interfere with the normal daily activities of the university. You follow any instructions from the person in charge or surveillance involved and agree that they may decide to stop the activity at any time.
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Do you want to organise an outdoor activity?

Outdoor events (on lawns or in tents) are managed by the AV Services department. 

Make a request for an outdoor activity