Do you have a disability, a learning disorder, a chronic illness, are you combining your studies with a full-time or part-time job, are you starting your own business, or do you perhaps find yourself in a situation that makes studying less obvious? Then you are eligible for the ReFlex-statute.

ReFlex stands for reasonable flexibility. It involves making necessary adjustments to the teaching and examination regulations, to give an equal chance during evaluations. More time, tolerance for spelling mistakes, extra help to understand exam questions, being allowed to miss class, etc.

Who can apply?

Students with a disability

This group includes students with a disability related to coordination, learning, attention, hyperactivity, autistic spectrum, tic disorder, a visual, auditory or motor disability; a chronic medical disorder or psychiatric disability.

Student entrepreneurs

These are students that have started their own business, or plan to do so during the course of their studies. Contact first to find out what support is available in your specific circumstances. If your business is sufficiently well-established, you may be able to claim ReFlex-statute.

Work students

Work students are students who combine a full- or part-time job with a course of study (specifically for work students).

Student representatives

This group includes students who hold a position as a student representative at VUB.

No ReFlex: Student athletes

Are you combining your studies with elite sports? Then you need not follow the procedure below, but contact the Top Sports and Study department via Together you can make clear arrangements which will allow you to combine your education with your career as a top sports professional.

Info for student athletes