A clear vision

Sustainable development has been a core value of VUB for over 10 years. We assume our social role as a university.

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Our climate plan

With our new climate strategy, we strive to reduce theCO2 emissions of our university year after year.

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Energy transition

We are taking energy-saving measures and generating our own renewable energy. This is how we are making our energy consumption sustainable.

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Green campuses

With a targeted adaptation plan, we are preparing our campuses for extreme weather conditions and increasing their ecological value.

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Climate-friendly mobility

We are working on traffic-safe and accessible campuses, less travel, sustainable alternatives to the car, and electric mobility. We are also reducing the impact of international travel.

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Sustainable buildings

Our ambition is to make all VUB campuses and their buildings integrally sustainable. By closing material streams, we avoid waste and require less new raw materials.

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Sustainable food

All VUB student restaurants serve responsible and healthy meals. We create enthusiasm in all campus users and their partners about sustainable food.

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Sustainable investment

We support the transition to a low-carbon society by managing our investment portfolios sustainably.

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Sustainable education

We encourage all students to sharpen their competences in sustainable development and to actively contribute to the transition.

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Sustainability for educators

To accelerate the transition to socially involved, sustainable education, we are strongly committed to instructor professionalisation.

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Free research

From an open and learning approach and with plenty of room for experimentation and dialogue, we contribute to the debate about and for the future.

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Sustainability research

VUB top scientists search for social and technical answers to ecological challenges, both locally and internationally.

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Partnerships and engagement

We bring students, staff, and other stakeholders together in various projects and encourage and inspire internal and external collaboration.

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Our team

Sustainability is a story of the entire VUB community. Students, academics and administrative staff get behind the actions. The academic coordinator, the sustainability core group and the GreenTeam support and connect that community. Together and with great enthusiasm, we will achieve our ambitions. 

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The individual slides can be downloaded from the DIY house style platform (for staff only).