Your final year at VUB

Are you in your final year of study? Then your diploma is within reach. The last hurdle to take is writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. The capstone of your programme, combining research and practical skills. Completing an internship is also a smart move, as it allows you to build up some relevant work experience for your CV.

You are graduating

Have you successfully completed a VUB programme? Then you will officially graduate and receive a diploma as the crowning glory of your work. Congratulations on this important milestone in your life!


Diploma and graduation certificate

You will receive your graduation certificate after the official announcement of your results via secured pdf in your mailbox (a few days after the deliberation). You can use this certificate to apply for a job or for further study. You will receive your original diploma a few months later at your graduation ceremony. You will receive an invitation to this ceremony at your VUB email address.

Pick up your diploma

VUB e-mail address and Office 365

In principle, your VUB e-mail address remains valid for 1 year after you graduate. The other Office programs (such as Teams, Word and Excel) can no longer be used. This licence will be closed as soon as you have graduated.

Graduated, now what?

After obtaining your diploma, you have several options. You can choose to continue studying in order to expand and deepen your knowledge even more. You can also choose to enter the professional world right away.

Work at VUB

Ever thought about working at the VUB? You would be amazed at how many different profiles we need. With your diploma you will almost certainly find an exciting job with us with a range of benefits. 

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