Internship types

During your programme at VUB, there are:

Compulsary internships

which are a part of your study programme. Please consult your programme outline or contact the internship coordinator of your faculty.

Optional internships

which you can choose take on during your study programme. Please consult your programme outline or contact the internship coordinator of your faculty.

Voluntary internships

which are not a part of your study programme. Most faculties will allow you to do these under certain conditions. For more information, please contact your faculty.

International internship

Want to do an internship abroad? Discover the options in and beyond the EU, and our offer of financial support!

Internship abroad

Internship options

Internship options per faculty

Each faculty offers support for students who (want to) do an internship. Discover the options and possibilities offered by your faculty and find out how to request an internship.

Internships RC

Internships in Law and Criminology

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Internships ES

You can find all the information on internship options at the Faculty of Social Sciences & Solvay Business School on this Canvas page.

Internships GF

Internships in Medicine and Pharmacy


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Internships IR

Internships in Engineering


Are you a masterstudent and are you considering doing an internship as part of your studies? Please read carefully the information below.

Check out this video for more info!

Procedures for various Msc programmes

You are responsible for finding an internship and for handing in all documents on time.

Check the flowcharts for:

Bruface programme 

non-Bruface programmes

Step 1: Request an internship

Deadline: 31 May 

Request form

Step 2: Internship agreement

Deadline 15 June 

Internship agreement

Step 3: Evaluation

To be completed by external internship mentor or supervisor (please note only for Bruface internships of 6 ECTS)

Evaluation form

Step 4: Upload internship report

Only for Bruface internships of 6 ECTS.

Upload internship report

Please note:

  • Are you a non-EER student and you have been refused by the company to do an internship on the basis of your status in Belgium? This is legally not allowed. Download here a statement to object this with the support of VUB.
  • Are you a Bruface student and you are doing a 10 ECTS internship? The evaluation documents and more information can be found here on UV.
  • What does your VUB insurance cover? More info here.


Application deadline for students registered at VUB and applying for an ERASMUS+ traineeship for an internship abroad is on 15th of February.

Internship abroad

Would you like to do an internship abroad? That's perfectly possible!

  • You can do an internship in the company or country of your choice (few exceptions apply)
  • The English model contract for internships as part of the study programme can also be used for internships abroad. Considering an internship is subject to the law of the country where the internship will take place, it is possible changes will be made to the model contract, taking into account the differences in legislation between Belgium and the country where the internship will take place (for instance, liability, insurance). The employer is responsible to flag any necessary changes in time.
  • The insurance policies for students who will do an internship as part of their study programme are also applicable for internships abroad. It is recommended to take additional travel insurance for students who will do an internship outside EU.
  • You can apply for a grant before 15 December (outside EU) or 15 February (inside EU).

Please contact for further questions.

IAESTE Brussels

WORK. EXPERIENCE. DISCOVER. This is what IAESTE Brussels is all about. We provide internships abroad, in almost 90 different countries worldwide, tailored to students in a technical field (engineering, architecture, bioengineering, computer science, science, …). As an engineering or science student, you'll gain work experience in your field of interest, which is also greatly appreciated by future employers! An IAESTE internship is an amazing way to get to know cultures and make friends from all around the world! Applying for an IAESTE internship is very simple, and you get a lot in return: IAESTE arranges your housing, helps with administration, organizes social events and much more!

Even if you are still not 100% convinced about going on an internship adventure with IAESTE, then visit our IAESTE Belgium page where you will find the stories of previous Belgian trainees, the amazing internship destinations we offer and more. More info here.

Internships WE

Internships in Sciences and Bioengineering Sciences


Coming soon.

Internships LW

Internships in Languages and Humanities



Would you like to start an internship outside of an academic course?

Please send your motivation on the basis of the document 'Motivation application internship outside the  study programme' to the programme director via

After the written agreement of the dean, the internship agreement can be drawn up.

Internships PE

Internships in Psychology and Educational Sciences

For Educational Sciences the mandatory internship is organized during the 2nd year of the master programme.

Information and documents

Register for the course 'Internship Educational Sciences' on Canvas to get the latest updates as well as internship-related documents.

=> Internship guidelines & required documents


Sarah Goetry


Prof. Dr. Koen Lombaerts​​​​​​​

Internships LK

Internships in Physical Education and Physiotherapy

Internships may take place in holiday periods, weeks off from classes, and study and exam periods. These inconsistencies are mentioned in the study programme course unit and/or in the internship guidelines. 

It is only possible to draw up an internship agreement within the framework of your studies. Voluntary internships are not supported by the faculty. 

Internship Bachelor Physical Education and Movement Science

In your third bachelor year an internship assignment is a compulsory component and consists of two parts: 

  • 60 hours of teaching practice, starting with co-teaching and ending with supervised teaching. The internship is preferably in the 3rd grade of secondary education. The aim is to do 20 hours of work experience within a multicultural context in Brussels.
  • 60 hours of internship in Movement and Sports Sciences, with a combination of about 1/3 observation internship and about 2/3 co-working internship under the supervision of an experienced and qualified supervisor.

    For this internship, the student chooses between a combination of profiles:
    • 30h Sports Policy and Management + 30h Physical Fitness and Health 
    • 30h Sports Policy and Management + 30h Sports Training and Coaching 
    • 30h Sports Training and Coaching + 30h Physical Fitness and Health 


Internship Master Physical Education and Movement Sciences 

The internship in the Master is based on your graduation profile. You will do your internship in a (fitness) club, at an organisation, in a company, ..... The content varies depending on your graduation profile. This can range from supervising people, training teams, to organising events or developing a policy. In-service training or attending conferences can also be part of your internship.

We work with certified internship supervisors, but in the context of your personal development plan, you can also work out a proposal yourself and submit it to the education team. 

More information about the internship(s) can be found in the course unit or via the learning platform CANVAS. 

Internship in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy 

As of your first bachelor year, internships are organised so that you can immediately put the learnt theory into practice. You start with observation internships and evolve into internships where you put in the work yourself. You will follow up and/or supervise patients for a longer period of time and independently collect (research) data in order to set up a treatment.

The focus and content of the internship vary according to the graduation profile. 

More information about the internship(s) can be found in the course unit or via the learning platform CANVAS. 

Internships abroad

Are you interested in an internship abroad? Please contact our "advisor international relations" to discuss the possibilities. 

Requests for internships abroad should be submitted six months in advance to the course unit manager. 

Internships MILO

Internships in the Educational Master


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Insured during your internship

Questions about insurance during your internship?