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Ethics Committees

Human Sciences Ethics Committee

In its assessments, the independent Human Sciences Ethics Committee at VUB endorses the general research policy of the university, such as striving for a healthy research culture, quality research output, and scientific integrity in research.

The Committee provides ethical advice to researchers. It verifies the compatibility of research submitted for its opinion with ethical principles and standards. It can provide general ethical policy advice concerning research developments, insofar as these have a clear ethical dimension and are relevant to our university. 

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Ethics Committee Human Sciences

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Dual Technologies, Military Research and Misuse Ethics Committee

The Dual Technologies, Military Research and Misuse Ethics Committee is responsible for:

  • Verifying that VUB activities comply with the relevant provisions on exporting dual technologies and military goods.
  • Ethical evaluation of activities undertaken in cooperation with military or defence partners, or financed by military or defence funding.
  • Evaluating research activities at risk of misuse and providing advice or drafting measures to mitigate the risks.
  • Granting ethical approval for projects involving ‘dual technologies’, military research or projects with a risk of research misuse.
  • Providing advice and support to the VUB community regarding ‘dual technologies’, military research and possible misuse of research.

The ECDMM is part of the Legal and Ethics Office within the VUB Department of Research and Data Management.

Ethics Committee Dual Technologies, Military Research & Misuse

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Ethics Committee on Animal Testing

Read all about the Ethics Committee on Animal Testing 

Contact Point for Access & Benefit Sharing

The VUB Contact Point for Access & Benefit Sharing is responsible for:

  • Supporting VUB researchers in complying with the Nagoya Protocol.
  • Supporting VUB researchers in other aspects of fairness and benefit-sharing in relation to research processes and results.

The Contact Point is part of the Legal and Ethics Office within the VUB Department of Research and Data Management.

Contact Access & Benefit Sharing

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Data Protection Office

It is likely that you will work with personal data as part of your research. A broad range of privacy and data protection legislation applies to this. Such things as sending e-mails to colleagues, taking and processing surveys, or analysing publicly available information posted on social media are all covered by privacy legislation (including the well-known ‘GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since 25 May 2018).

It is important that researchers are aware of the ways in which they handle personal data and what the consequences may be. One example is that all personal data processed by researchers without a legitimate basis must be deleted. Every researcher must always comply with the law, and this also applies to privacy and data protection law. In addition, scientists are judged according to higher standards of accurate and ethical behaviour, which ensures that the academic community is trusted and speaks with authority.

Fortunately, the Data Protection Office helps researchers meet these high standards and continue to protect the fundamental right to privacy - without making the practice of science suffer.

Do you have questions about privacy legislation (such as the GDPR) and what it means for your research?  
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Andries Hofkens

Data Protection Officer VUB