Vicerector Pieter Ballon

Our research policy

Vice rector Prof. Dr. Pieter Ballon and the Research & Data Management department give shape to the research policy of VUB.

More about our policy and our structure

Our mission

VUB is a research-based, critically thinking, and internationally oriented university. It strives to deliver an active, committed contribution to a better society. Therefore, we strive to provide quality research with a strong local base. The great international recognition we receive is the best proof of the quality of our research.

Groep van onderzoekers in labo voor Wereld Kankerdags bij UZ (Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel)
Prof Bart Neyns en team in labo op UZ Brussels

Our vision and strategy

In the coming years, VUB will work on the development of an optimal, future-proof research environment within a broader research data and 'Open Science' policy. The objectives of that research policy are to ensure a healthy research culture and an appreciative personnel policy.