Commuting to the campus?

On this page you find an overview of the season tickets for students. The rechargeable MOBIB card can hold your tickets of NMBS, MIVB, De Lijn and TEC. The card is also used by various mobility partners such as Cycloparking, Cambio, Blue-bike and Villo!.
Discover on the campus pages how you can take public transport to the campuses.

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Public transport in Brussels

MIVB organizes public transport in the Brussels Region.

With the MIVB school season ticket you can access to entire MIVB-network (buses, trams and metro). This season ticket is possible for students up to 24 years old and costs only €12 per academic year.
The Brupass school season ticket is valid on the entire MIVB-network (buses, trams and metro) and the network of De Lijn, TEC and NMBS in Brussels (in the Brupass zone). This season ticket is possible for students up to 24 years old and costs €52 per academic year.

Between 11 pm and 6 am night taxi Collecto is an alternative to public transport.

How can you buy/renew your season ticket?

No personal MOBIB card yet? Go to a MIVB BOOTIK and bring your identity card and the registration certificate.
Do you already have a personal MOBIB card? Surf to and upload your registration certificate. You will receive a conformation mail which you will need to buy your season ticket at a GO selling machine or online. You can also go to a KIOSK of BOOTIK with your registration certificate in paper.

By train to the VUB

Do you take the train to the VUB? You'll need a transportation card by NMBS. If you're younger than 26, you have the choice between two season tickets.

The Student Multi are 5 journeys outbound and 5 return to be completed over a period of 49 days. This is mainly of interest when you take 2 or 3 trips a week. In many cases this is cheaper than a Youth Multi (10 rides with free choice of departure and arrival).
When you are enrolled in an interuniversity study programme and often travel between two universities, you can ask for a Student Multi for both locations on presentation of a certificate that you have classes in both cities.
A Student Season Ticket is an unlimited subscription for 1, 3 or 12 months for a fixed route. This is mainly interesting if you make 4 or more return travels each week. 


How can you buy/renew your season ticket?

To buy your first season ticket, you have to go to a train station with your electronic identity card and your registration certificate. Renewing your season ticket can be done online or at the train station.

Buses between Brussels and Flanders

Coming from Flanders by bus? A season ticket of De Lijn might be something for you.

Are you between 6 and 24 years old? The Buzzy Pazz gives you unlimited travel on all De Lijn buses and trams (except the Limburg express lines). You can buy your Buzzy Pazz online, via the contact form or in a De Lijn shop.

The Limburg express lines 178 (Maaseik-Brussels) and 179 (Hamont-Brussels) are the fastest way to travel to the VUB from the municipalities along these lines by public transport. Consult the timetables via Please note that the Buzzy Pazz or Omnipas are not valid on these lines.