Prof Bart Neyns en team in labo op UZ Brussels

Relevant and in-depth research

At VUB, we emphasise research that excels through its depth, yet is relevant for its breadth. As a university, we recognise the important role we can play in Belgium, the rest of Europe, and the world. We strive for solutions to societal challenges and provide support for policy decisions.

Interdisciplinary and high-tech

An interdisciplinary approach is indispensable to this type of research. And our task is quite a challenge! It means that besides cooperating with other disciplines our experts have to understand each other's language. A high-tech approach is often crucial. To this end, we work to assess the existing infrastructure and group it into facilities that are available to a large group of researchers.

2022_Biochemisch onderzoeksteam werkt met microscoop_Farmaceutisch onderzoekslaboratorium_S_1726134715
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In an urban context

Brussels is the perfect 'Living Lab', where we seek solutions to the challenges posed in an urban context.

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