Only for students applying with a Belgian diploma

For administrative reasons, there is no second semester intake for all students applying based on an international diploma or requiring a student visa to study at VUB. These students can only start at the beginning of each academic year, in September when the first semester starts.

Starting in February: is it possible?

Bridging programmes, preparatory programmes, masters, credit- and exam contracts

From 1 December onwards you can apply here to start in the 2nd semester.

Bachelor programmes with a compulsory calibration test (start test)

For programmes with a compulsory calibration test, it is not always possible to start in the second semester. Contact for more information. Check here whether participation in a calibration test is compulsory for the programme of your choice.

Other bachelor programmes

Starting in the february is possible. Classes start on Monday 12 February 2024. 

How do you enrol? 

Start your application via this link. It is possible that after signing your enrolment contract, you may be automatically registered for the full course package. The administration will rectify this as soon as possible, in accordance with the proposed course package of your programme.

Which courses can you take?

Since you start in the middle of the academic year, you can only take the courses of the second semester. Check below which subjects are possible at your faculty (Dutch only).

Do you transfer from another institution or want to retake your previous studies? 

If so, your subject package may differ from the proposals above. Contact your study path counselor so that they can help you to adjust your package yourself. Always keep in mind the guidelines for an individual study path.

Deviate from selected course load

Would you like to take fewer courses than the selected course load of your programme? This is only possible in case of a specific status, exceptional circumstances or if you have already obtained a Bachelor's or Master's degree. You can fill in this online exception form. The dean of your faculty will assess your exception request and decide whether or not to grant you a deviation from your study path. Once a decision has been made, you will be informed by e-mail.

Special statuses that qualify:


  • Working students combining their studies with employment of at least 80h/week.
  • ReFlex status: Students with a disability as well as student athletes, entrepreneurs and refugees.
  • Scholarship beneficiaries combining studies with employment of at least 16h/week
  • Reorientation: Students changing study programmes during the course of the academic year (at VUB or another school).

Ready to start in the 2nd semester?

Below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about studying at VUB.