Starting in February: how do you do that?

A thorough preparation is must to get off to a smooth start in the second semester. Below, you will find a clear to-do list which gives all the relevant information and steps you need to take.

Step 1: select your programme

Almost all VUB programmes permit intake in the second semester. There are however a few for which the prior knowledge gained in the first semester is indispensable. We strongly recommend that you find out first whether the programme you are interested in allows a February intake.

Overview bachelor's and master's

Step 2: contact the study path supervisor

If you begin in the second semester, this means that you can only include subjects from the second semester. You therefore follow a tailored programme, that you design in consultation with your study path supervisor. Together, you will look at what is feasible and discuss the various options, so that your path fulfils all your needs.
Course available if you start in the second semester of 2022-2023

study guidance

Step 3: enrol

Made up your mind? Don’t hesitate to enrol. Make sure to keep the application deadlines and course registration deadlines in mind!

Applications for the 2nd semester open on 1 December (to start the following February)


Only for students applying with a Belgian diploma

For administrative reasons, there is no second semester intake for all students applying based on an international diploma or requiring a student visa to study at VUB. These students can only start at the beginning of each academic year, in September when the first semester starts.

Still have doubts?

Below, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about studying at VUB.