Doubting your study choice

If you are doubting your study choice and are you thinking of doing something else, please know that you can always contact Study Guidance

Give it some thought

Making a new study choice isn't easy. Maybe you already have an idea of what you want to next, maybe you don't. Whatever you want to do, changing your studies is an active, dynamic process not to be rushed. If you are thinking about studying something else at the VUB, keep in mind the application deadlines. Or maybe you want to stop studying altogether? Check the procedure for this here.  

The study path counselors are here to help you with your study choice. 

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Want to start in the second semester?

That's possible if you apply with a Belgian diploma. Find out all about your specific study path, how to apply and the tuition fees for a semester.

Starting in February

Find a new study programme

Want to change your study programme, but no idea which one to choose?

A new study programme at VUB

Are you starting a new programme at VUB? 
All study programmes 
Application deadlines

Current VUB students can also use this CANVAS module to select their new study programme.

We offer you the option of taking courses from different programmes. This way you can get a taste of different programmes before you decide and to make sure you choose a realistic, feasible study choice. You can only apply for these with a Belgian diploma, under a credit contract.

Available 'tasting courses' (Dutch only)

Changing after your bachelor programme at VUB

Want to know if you can start a(n) (advanced) master programme after you finished a bachelor programme? Check out the entry requirements (Dutch only):

Direct access to the master 
No direct access to the master 
Direct access to the advanced master 
No direct access to the advanced master 
Direct access to the educational master

If you don't have direct access to start a programme, you will need to do a bridging or preparatory programme first.

At Erasmus Hogeschool (EhB)

VUB and Erasmushogeschool Brussel are both part of the UAB (Universitary Association Brussels). EhB organises info sessions for those interested. Students wanting to start in the second semester can take a look here

Somewhere else

The the website you can find all programmes offered in all higher education institutions in Flanders. 

Everyone interested in Flemish higher education is also welcome at  Leerwinkel Brussel, for info on the Dutch speaking education offer in Brussels and help making a study choice.

Found a new programme

You're staying at VUB

Found another programme you want to study at VUB? Then make sure to:

If you have questions about your learning account, individual study path or possible exemptions, you can contact the study path counselor of the new programme.
More info about starting in the 2nd semester

Impact of changing studies

You're staying at VUB

Are you staying at VUB? Be aware that changing from one VUB programme to another might have implications for your tuition fee, child benefits, scholarship and learning account.

Impact on tuition fees

Impact on your tuition fees if you stay at VUB
  • Changing your programme at the VUB is possible without incurring additional tuition fees if you do this before 1 December.
  • In case you only started in the second semester you can change programmes without incurring additional tuition fees before 1 March.

Attention! If the credits of your new programme exceed your initial number of credits, additional tuition fees will be charged.

Impact on child benefits

Impact on your child benefits if you stay at VUB

If you start another VUB programme, this may affect your entitlement to child benefits. For more information on this matter, you can contact Social legal & financial support or your child benefits institution.

Impact on scholarships

Impact on your scholarship if you stay at VUB

If you start another VUB programme, this may affect your entitlement to your scholarship from the Flemish Community. For more information on this matter, you can contact Social legal & financial support or your scholarship institution.

Impact on learning account

Impact on your learning account if you stay at VUB

Find out all about your learning account and what the consequences might be if you choose to change or terminate your studies.

Learning account

Continue studying at a different institution
  • Get informed on your new programme by contacting the counselors at the institution you want to switch to.
  • Terminate your studies at VUB.
  • Enrol for the new programme at your new school or institution. 

    Terminating your studies

    You want to quit your studies but don't know what to do yet? 

    Terminate your studies

    Maybe you want to take a break and do something different? Get some advice or inspiration from these services and organisations: