In order to be considered for a scholarship, you will have to meet the nationalitystudy and financial conditions. Age is not important. 

You can receive a scholarship for 2 Graduate’s programmes, 2 Bachelor’s programmes, 1 initial Master’s programme, 1 bridging programme, 1 preparatory programme and 1 extra educational graduate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree. Students who are entitled to a scholarship also pay a reduced tuition fee. 

Digital application

Apply for your scholarship digitally. At you can follow up on your file online.


To apply for a scholarship for academic year 2023-2024, you must do so before 1 June 2024 at the latest (before the start of the academic year). You may indicate on your application that the Afdeling Studietoelage (the deparment of study grants) may also initiate your application for subsequent academic years.

Please not that this procedure is only available in Dutch. If you need any help translating, please contact Financial Support, and we'll guide you through.

What you need

  1. You need a Belgian e-ID with its pincode. If you no longer have the pincode, you can request a new one on This will take a while, but applying with an e-ID also saves you time.

    The computer you use needs to have the software to use an e-ID. You can download this on for free. Select your language and click 'free download'. The website will guide you through the process. It's important to only connect the card reader once the setup wizard tells you to.    

    Important: you can borrow a card reader to submit your application. Contact Financial Support to request one, or to get help with your online application.

  2. You can also log in with a 'federal token', which you must possess, along with a username and password. 

  3. You can also opt to use the "It’s me" app, which allows you to confirm your identity in a safe and easy manner. 

Start application

Go to

  • Click "Ga naar het loket en stel je profiel in"
  • Click “Ga naar het loket”
  • Select how you wish to apply


The next steps are only for Belgian students applying with their e-ID & card reader:

  • Insert your ID card in the reader and connect to your computer
  • Click 'aanmelden'
  • Select your name in the tile “een certificaat selecteren” and click “OK”
  • Enter your e-ID pincode
  • Select 'ik ben een student'
  • Follow the instructions on your screen

After your application

Want to know the status of your application? Sign in following the steps above, and look into your file, see all communications on your case and an overview of decisions made on your current (and previous) application(s).

Trouble with your application?

Any issues or questions?

Call the Vlaamse Infolijn (1700) for free (only in Dutch) or contact Financial Support.

Advance on the scholarship

Many students don't receive the scholarship money until later in the academic year, while most expenses are made in the beginning. To avoid too much financial stress, you can request an advance on your scholarship. This will help you pay for a number of important study costs such as your tuition fee or course materials.

Request an advance

Don't qualify for this scholarship?

You might be considered for:

Reduced tuition fee