Short-term loan

1. Study costs

If you study-related costs are running high (laptop, field trip,...) and you're having difficulties paying for them all at once, you may contact us for an interest-free short-term loan.

2. Tuition fee
  • If you are a¬†non-scholarship student¬†, you may take out a short-term loan for your tuition fees.¬†
    Also check whether you are eligible for a‚ÄĮscholarship¬†from the Flemish government‚ÄĮand/or¬†a¬†reduction in¬†tuition¬†fees. In such cases, you may be considered for the¬†scholarship¬†rate.¬†
  • If you take out an interest-free student loan, we will deposit the¬†borrowed¬†amount (a maximum of ‚ā¨¬†1.250) directly with the Education and Student Administration, so that your tuition fees are taken care of. You then pay off this amount¬†in monthly instalments. The loan should be repaid in full¬†by the end of the academic year (30 September)
3. Student housing
  • If you are having difficulty paying the monthly rent for your¬†student¬†accommodation, it's possible to take out an interest-free student loan through us:

    • If you rent a room from the VUB, the sum borrowed will be deposited directly with VUB Student Housing.
    • If you rent a room on the private market, the sum borrowed will be deposited into your bank account so that you can pay the rent.
  • You will then¬†pay off the loan¬†to us in monthly instalments. The loan should be repaid in full¬†by the end of the academic year (30 September)

Long-term loan

Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to get a long-term interest-free loan to keep your study costs affordable.  

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How much is the loan?


A short-term loan is a maximum of ‚ā¨ 1.250 and must always be repaid during the academic year (through a payment plan).¬†


A long-term loan is a maximum of ‚ā¨ 1.250 and is meant to resolve a structural financial hardship (for example, if you are unable to pay all your study costs). Repayment of a long-term loan starts two years after completion or termination of your studies at the VUB.¬†


Do I qualify for support?

There are certain conditions to qualify for the financial support provided by VUB. 


General conditions

The general condition to receive financial support from VUB are:

  • The student meets one of the‚ÄĮnationality requirements‚ÄĮestablished by the Department of Scholarships of the Flemish Community
  • the student is enrolled under a diploma contract (students with a credit or exam contract are not eligible)¬†(*)¬†
  • the student is enrolled at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel¬†(**)¬†
  • the student is enrolled in an initial study programme: a bachelor, a first master, a bridging or preparatory programme¬†(***)
  • the student proves a financial need, related to the study costs

(*) Students with a credit contract can be eligible for reduced tuition fee. 
(**) Students in the first year of their studies should have an enrollment of at least 54 credits in order to apply for a social allowance, rent allowance and external grants. 
(***) Students following a teacher training or a second academic degree of the same level or students who have already obtained a Master's degree can only qualify for reduced tuition fee and an interest-free student loan. This interest-free student loan is also available for students who are following an advanced Master's degree. 


Don't agree?

We evaluate your request and make a decision based on these conditions. If you do not‚ÄĮagree with a decision made by our Financial Support team regarding your request for financial support, you can‚ÄĮlodge an appeal.

Appeals procedure student services

Request a loan


You can get in touch with us by email no later than 1 September (at the end of this academic year) for a short-term loan. You don't have to fill in an application form, but you do have to meet the general conditions.  

Apply for short-term loan via e-mail

We will always draw up a contract for the loan, for which we need the following information: 

    • Which month will you be able to start repaying the loan?¬†
    • How much each month? (The minimum amount is ‚ā¨¬†50)¬†

    As soon as we have received this information, we will draw up a contract through Docusign, detailing the payment plan you have to follow. You will receive an email from Docusign, containing a contract which you should read, fill in, sign and return to us, together with a copy of both sides of your ID card. 


    You may only apply for a long-term loan if you meet the general conditions and you should apply using an application form no later than 1 September (at the end of this academic year). A loan agreement will always be drawn up. 

    Application form long-term loan