Onderzoekers in labo voor Wereld Kankerdags bij UZ (Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel)

Recognised research groups at VUB

Discover the official VUB research groups recognised by the Research Council (OZR). Is there a research group missing? Please contact the webmaster.

VUB research groups

VUB-ULB research groups

  • Brussels Diabetes Research Pole
  • Brussels (Bio)Pharmaceutical Analysis Research Group
  • Brussels Institute for European Studies
  • Brussels Institute for Geochemical Techniques in Earth Sciences
  • Brussels Research Centre for Construction Histories
  • Bulk and Surface Engineering of Materials
  • Combustion and Robust Optimization
  • Critical Urban Research Brussels
  • Immunology
  • Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels
  • Joint Dissipative Solutions Group
  • The Politics of Democratic Governance
  • Theatricality and the Real

ALO research groups

  • Affective Processing, Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology
  • Alliance for Modulation in Epilepsy
  • Centre for Molecular Separation Science & Technology
  • Centre for Bacterial and Mycotic Infectious Diseases of Zoonotic or Veterinary Importance
  • Centre for Literature in Translation
  • Connexin Signaling Research Group
  • Crossfeed
  • Crossing the Border Between English and Spanish
  • Animal Cell Systems as a Biotest for (a) Biotic Stressors - discontinued 2016
  • Ethics, Culture and Society
  • Flanders Research Consortium on Fermented Foods and Beverages
  • Information Systems – discontinued in 2017
  • Innovation, Diversity and Educational Approaches – discontinued in 2017
  • Institute of Early Modern History
  • International Big Data Analytics Lab
  • Interplay of Theatre, Literature & Media in Performance
  • Interuniversity Center for Health Economics Research
  • Youth and Social Inequality
  • Quantum Chemistry - Molecular Modelling
  • Physical Education, Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Logic Engineering
  • Logic, History & Philosophy of Science
  • Materials and Surface Science & Engineering
  • Motor Mind
  • NanoMicrobiology
  • Optimising the Performance and Efficiency of Modern Programming Languages
  • PAT Chemometrics
  • Political Representation in Diverse Societies
  • Psychopathology and Information Processing in Older Adults
  • Research Consortium on Particle-Based Immunotherapy
  • Research in Geriatrics and Gerontology
  • Roman Society Research Center
  • Social History (post-1750) – Network (SocHist-Net)
  • Sport & Social Inclusion
  • Urban History
  • Experimental Literature Study Centre
  • The Inside Story. Art, Interior Design and Architecture, 1750-1950
  • Translational Liver Cell Biology Alliance
  • End-of-life care