Our well-being

We want to evolve into a reference point in the field of well-being. This is based on research, a data-driven policy, and the gradual construction of a (self) teaching network on well-being.

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Interdisciplinary approach

Our well-being policy can only succeed if staff from different departments work together on it. Interdisciplinary cooperation is the basis for our policy.

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Bottom-up initiatives

Our students and staff contribute by setting up various well-being initiatives and highlighting external initiatives.

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VUB, a compassionate university

We want to make everyone in our community aware of the importance of support and sympathy in situations of serious illness, death, loss, and care.

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The assistance we offer

We briefly present our range of assistance for students and staff.

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Well-being tips from our scientists

A knowledge base with useful tips from our scientists on well-being and health. For anyone who needs or wants to learn more.

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