Tuition fee

Tuition fees are calculated from the number of credits you take on, your nationality, the programme for which you enrol and the type of contract. The amount consists of a fixed part, which you pay once per academic year, and a variable part. The variable part is determined by the number of credits for which you enrol. The tuition fees are different for students from EEA and non-EEA countries. For certain advanced master’s programmes and continuation or specialisation programmes, the tuition fees are higher.

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Other study costs

In addition to tuition fees, there are many other costs that you need to take into account as a student: study materials, travel costs, accommodation costs (the rent of your room) and living costs such as food and entertainment. How much this will be depends on the programme you are following, where you are living, how often you go back home, your standard of living, etc.

Estimated costs for foreign students

For foreign students, it's important to get an idea of how much budget to provide to study in Belgium. Make sure to provide about € 1000 per month, excluding your tuition fee and course materials.

Estimated costs for a fulltime student
Accommodation € 410 - € 550 monthly
Energy costs € 70 - € 100 monthly
Food € 200 - € 250 monthly
Transportation € 12 - € 500 yearly
Medical insurance (mandatory) € 12 - € 100 monthly
Medical costs  € 25 monthly
Phone/internet € 30 - € 50 monthly
Other costs: clothes/pleasure/personal hygiene   € 45 monthly
Savings/unexpected expenses € 25 monthly


Note that during the first month of your stay you will have exceptional costs for registration, copies of documents and often a warranty for your accommodation.

  • Costs for temporary accommodation. You will need temporary accommodation while you look for somewhere to live. A cheap hostel close to the university costs +/-15 EUR per day for a single room.
  • The warranty for your accommodation. Every landlord asks the tenant for a warranty, which can go as high as 3 months’ rent. When you vacate the accommodation in good condition, the warranty will be paid back to you.
  • Electricity, water and/or other utilities are not always included in the rent (check your rental contract). The costs depend on consumption. 
Airport-city transfer (bus/train/taxi) € 7 - € 60 once
Temporary accommodation € 200 weekly
Accommodation warranty € 1000 once
Fire/third liability insurance € 200 yearly
Tuition fee (general) € 1116 - € 4600 yearly
Study materials € 200 once
Equipment (furniture/kitchenware/computer) € 300 once

Estimated costs for Belgian students

Find out an estimation of the costs for a fulltime Belgian student during the 1st year of a Bachelor's programme below. These documents are in Dutch.