Living in rooms

Are you considering staying in rooms during your studies? A great idea, because you will learn to look after yourself and get the most out of your time as a student. As a VUB student you can find a room in 3 ways: you can rent a VUB room on or near your campus, you can stay in a student residence belonging to one of our partners or you can find accommodation through the private rental market.  

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Student life

Do you want not just to study, but to make lifelong friendships at university? Then at VUB you’ve come to the right address. We have a rich tradition of student folklore, student parties and events, an extensive sport and culture offering.... All within walking distance of where you take your lessons. And don’t forget: there is adventure just around the corner outside the campus.  

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Study areas

We want everyone to feel at home on our campuses. Not only during lessons, but in between. Do you have a free period? Looking for a quiet place to work? Or do you need to prepare a group task? We have set up many study areas on the VUB Main Campus and VUB Health Campus. Our online tool allows you to reserve a place.

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