Organising an activity on the VUB Health Campus?


You can choose from four auditoriums that accommodate up to 200 guests and two smaller auditoriums that accommodate up to 100 guests. All rooms are fully equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment and data projection systems. In the Atrium of the Agora building you can set up stands and poster boards.


The campus is ideally located along the Brussels ring road, close to the centre of Brussels and Zaventem airport.

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How to apply? 

You can request a venue with the conference service. They are responsible for the scheduling of all non-educational activities in the auditoriums at the VUB Health Campus.

Complete the online reservation form

Indicate what kind of activity you want to organise, when and for how many people. 

Please note that in order for us to process your request, you must fill in the reservation form completely and correctly. 

Request your activity

Application deadlines

Requests should preferably be made three months before the event date and at least two weeks in advance.

Requests for events in a subsequent academic year

These requests cannot be confirmed until the class schedules for that academic year have been confirmed. This usually happens in mid-July. As a university, we guarantee priority booking for our core task of education.


The external rates for venue rental in Jette amount to:

  • Auditoriums with 200 seats: 125 to 160 euros per period*
  • Auditoriums with 100 seats: 90 euro per period*
  • Smaller rooms and meeting rooms: 25 to 60 euro per period*

Discounted rates apply for internal use and rental to VUB-related organisations. In addition to the rental fee, you will always be charged a mandatory cleaning fee.

*period: morning - afternoon - evening until 10:00 p.m.

Consult the Facilities regulations

Questions or remarks?

E-mail us at congresdienst.gf@vub.be.

Do you want to organise an outdoor activity?

Outdoor events (on lawns or in tents) are managed by the AV Services department. 

Make a request for an outdoor activity