Student Information

Who is my study path counselor? Where is my class? How do I register my courses and when is my faculty secretariat open? The answer to these and many more questions can be found on student portal WeAreVUB 24/7. Or would you rather talk to us in person? We are here for you!

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+32 2 629 20 10

In the entrance hall of building D
VUB Main Campus 
Pleinlaan 2 - Etterbeek

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
9:00AM - 5:00PM

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Extra power for your initiative!

VUB actively stimulates you to engage in university life. Student Information can be your first step. Our team can offer advice and support in the creation or management of a student organisation. Next to that, we help you to communicate your initiative or message to the student community.

Esplanade activity

As a VUB student you can use the Esplanade in Etterbeek for small (promotional) activities like flyering, selling tickets, setting up an infostand,...

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Student communication

Do you want advise and visibility in our VUB communication media (newsletter, infoscreens,...)? Fill out your information, describe your initiative or message and request communication with a single click! 

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News post or event

Do you have news you'd like to see published on student portal WeAreVUB?

Or are you organising an event you'd like to put in the online calendar?

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What we can do for you

You can rely on us for answering your question, listening to your feedback, communicating your initiative and facilitating student life.

An answer to all your questions

Student Information provides answers to all general questions. For specific or complex questions we will find out for you where to go. We love to help you straight away at our counter or by phone and answer e-mails within one working day. We assist the community manager in answering questions through social media. We also manage this student portal.

Student communication

Student Information publishes the most important information on the student portal, but also uses other communication media. Our storytelling on campus life aims at boosting student initiatives. Students and student services are welcome for communication advice or the mutual creation and launch of a campaign.

We also facilitate permission for activities or promotional actions on the Esplanade, Building D or the student restaurant.

Facilitate an active student life

Student Information supports student organisations on an administrative and financial level. We guide students in the start-up of a new organisation, offer advice and support in accountancy and management reports and pay the sponsorship by the student council. Also individual students can address us for advice and support for their initiative or event.

Next to that, we follow up on the current affairs of student life and assist student federation BSGgtgv and the student council. Every year we organise all together 'Redelijk Ongeregeld', the congress for the active student.

Contact us for an appointment, or drop by!

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Lost and found

Even though caring for lost and found items does not really belong to our core business, we have often and gladly reunited students with their most precious possessions, such as mobile phones, keys, laptop battery chargers, hats, and gloves.

We are currently working with iLost on Campus Etterbeek. If you find anything on campus, please bring it to our Information desk in building D so we can register it online. People who lost something are welcome to take a look on our iLost page to check if it has been found. Lost items are stored for 3 months.


Our team

Authentic, driven, and student-friendly. We have a passion for accurate information and a heart for every student.

Front Office: Our students

Our β€˜front office’ channels of communication (desk, telephone, email, brochures, social media) are managed by both permanent and student employees. We strive for a stable team of students to guarantee the highest standards. Once or twice a year we publish job vacancies on the Job Board. Do you want to be part of our team?

Office management & organisation

Our Office Manager makes sure things keep running smoothly, whether it comes to administration, invoicing, infrastructure, ICT, planning, statistics, or student employee contracts. He organises events, manages the finances and administration of student organisations, and follows up on the Lounge Bar 1050 and activities on the esplanade. He tends to orderliness and cleanliness within the creativity and student-like vibe. He is the person you can turn to for all questions related to invoices, reservations, and payment.

Communication team

Our communication officers are responsible for the latest student news on our different communication channels. They manage the PR as well as the student welcome initiatives for both Belgian and international students. They can help you with communication advice as well as with setting up a successful marketing campaign for your initiative. 

Information management

Our editors need to make sure that all information on our student portal is accurate. They try to translate all aspects of the University into WeAreVUB as accurately as possible. Being content-related specialists, they provide the points of support for our β€˜front office’ functioning.

Kotcoach: Tino

Kotcoach Tino is here to coordinate the housing-life in our VUB-accommodations, prevent loneliness and instigate friendships. The Kotcoach will stimulate students in VUB-housing to turn their living-unit into a pleasant mini-community. On top of that, they can always address Kotcoach Tino if they need to talk, if there's a conflict in their unit or in case of inappropriate behaviour. If necessary, he can transfer students to the student service they need.

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