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Note: Most VUB-rooms are only available when there are no acadamic activities.

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  • Catering is to be organised by yourself. (Search "Catering at the VUB")
  • Delivery of catering equipment is only possible during the preparation time stated above and collection is only possible during the specified cleaning time.
  • It is forbidden to cook in the premises. Only heating food is possible with electric bain maries. This rule also applies to external caterers.
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Note: Violations of regulations regarding electrical installations (as stated in the premises regulations) are at the tenant's expense.
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Note: When you apply, you automatically agree to the classroom regulations. You declare that you agree to take full responsibility for the activity and its effects (eg damage). The university can address you at any time. You leave the requested location in the state (cleanliness) in which it was found. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the removal of waste (glass, PMD, paper, rest ...) to the various waste ports. If this is not the case, an extra cleaning cost will be charged. It is prohibited to endanger the safety of students, staff and / or visitors or to interfere with the normal daily activities of the university. You follow any instructions from the person in charge or surveillance involved and agree that they may decide to stop the activity at any time.
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