Campus Etterbeek

A clean and tidy campus

The Cleaning and Waste Management staff keep the campus clean and tidy. The cleaners clean the buildings and outside areas.

You can find waste bays at various locations on campus, where there are containers for residual waste (black), PMD (blue), paper (yellow) and glass. VUB Cleaning collects them and empties them in the VUB container park. Our service also manages the VUB container parks.

We work together with experts in pest control and predators such as foxes and stone martens who love rodents.



You can contribute yourself!

Use the waste bins and ashtrays provided, sort your waste correctly (residual waste - black, plastic bottles, tins and cartons - blue, paper - yellow, glass - grey with yellow lid), wipe your feet when entering our buildings, put your bicycle in the bicycle rack, do not leave the cables of your computer on the floor and so on. The VUB Cleaning team will take care of everything else.

For more info, read the Waste guidelines!

Event organisation and facilities rental

The department Room management is responsible for the scheduling of all non-educational activities in the classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms and conference rooms at the VUB Main Campus.

Do you want to organise an event or book a room?

Event support

You can rent various facilities along with a room, such as audiovisual material, furniture and flipcharts. The AV Services team is here to help. Our AV Services team takes care of the audiovisual technology at our university. They manage the fixed and mobile infrastructure, develop and archive productions, and offer training and audiovisual and logistics support.

More about AV Services -  event support

Key service and security technology

The Access Control department is in charge of key services and security technology for the premises. They supply keys and transponders, install cylinders, repair locks, grant rights for badges, etc. They also manage the access control and barriers, intrusion and camera systems and key cabinets.

Central warehouse

The Central Warehouse on the VUB Main Campus takes care of

  • The management, storage and distribution of office supplies for the administration of the VUB staff
  • The storage and distribution of delivered gas cylinders
  • The filling of nitrogen tanks
  • Storage of equipment used by technical services
  • Rental of VUB cars (for VUB services and student associations)
  • Dispatches (mail collection and mail distribution)

Technical Services

The Technical Services department is responsible for preventive, curative and adaptive maintenance of building-related installations. This means that they design the installations, carry out interventions and repairs, and ensure the replacement of installations.

The Technical Services department is responsible for preventive, curative and adaptive maintenance of technical installations. This means that they design the installations, carry interventions and repairs, and ensure the operation of buildings and installations.

Technical Services (TS) consists of 3 specific units:

  • Wet Technologies (WT) = HVAC/heating-cooling-ventilation-sanitary facilities
  • Dry Technologies (DT) = electricity/lifts/fire detection
  • Building & Environment (B&E) = building and environment/greenery maintenance

The Project Office department is responsible for the realisation of large maintenance and renovation projects in function of the investment programme.

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