Looking for a daycare centre in Brussels?

VUB has daycare centres in Etterbeek and Jette. Every day, we take care of more than 170 children aged 0 to 3 years.

For whom? Subject to availability, all children are welcome, but priority is given to children of students and staff members from VUB, Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the UZ Brussels university hospital.

About our daycare centres

Our daycare centres are certified by Kind & Gezin. The final responsibility for the quality of the daycare services lies with the university, which manages the operations. However, checks to guarantee the quality requirements are carried out by the government.

The Head of Daycare Services is Sarah Henry.

Daycare Etterbeek

Near to the VUB Main Campus, we have a daycare centre for 63 children.

Discover our daycare centre in Etterbeek

Daycare Jette

On the VUB Health Campus, we have a daycare centre that can accommodate up to 109 children.

Discover our daycare centre in Jette

Practical information

It is important to register in time with the daycare centre of your choice. Please contact the daycare centre no later than 8 months before your preferred start date. Read how to apply and register, what's next and what the fees are.

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More info on childcare

Kind en Gezin informs you about childcare and out-of-school care activities, where you can find childcare and how it works.

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