Dilemma - Help with unplanned pregnancy

Was your pregnancy test positive, and have you any questions or doubts? Or was your pregnancy planned, but now you’re having doubts about going ahead with it? VUB Dilemma specialises in offering psychosocial and medical guidance for an unwanted pregnancy. Together, with an open mind, we look for a solution tailored to your lifestyle, within the legal framework.

Dilemma offers a range of services, from information provision to discussions, medical consultations relating to the pregnancy, pregnancy termination and referrals to services that can help you in your specific situation.


BLITS - Human Performance Lab Brussels

As an athlete, you can head to BLITS for professional advice, medical sports consultations or stress tests. BLITS is open to individual athletes (whether you play sports recreationally, competitively or professionally), as well as sports clubs, trainers and coaches. BLITS also specialises in medical screening for specific professions, such as the fire brigade or civil security.

The sports lab is connected to the university’s Human Physiology research group and is located at U-residence, right next to the sports complex, along Generaal Jacqueslaan.

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CAW – Centre for General Welfare

VUB works with the Brussels Centres for General Welfare (CAW), which offer help with all kinds of issues related to well-being, from financial to legal, family or relationship problems to issues related to loss, loneliness, stress or addiction. Support is also available for offenders and victims of crime. In addition, CAW has refuge houses for domestic violence. 

You can e-mailchat or phone for free with a counsellor. Or you can drop by after making an appointment, in Brussels or elsewhere.

Within the framework of its collaboration with VUB, CAW Brussels has an office at the VUB Health Campus in Jette. Moreover, thematic group sessions are organised on the different campuses aimed at the Brussels student community.  

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BRUCC – Brussels University Consultation Center

Do your fears prevent you from enjoying meaningful activities? Do you worry a lot, or have you suddenly lost interest in the things you used to enjoy? Are you experiencing other psychological issues? You are not alone. Seek help. 

BRUCC is an outpatient centre for psychological first-line care. It is part of the university's Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Here, children and adults with psychological problems can contact certified psychologists for individual counselling or group sessions (e.g. mindfulness), systems therapy and psychodiagnostic testing. BRUCC also offers services to professionals, including inspirational workshops and lectures. In the test library you can borrow recent psychodiagnostic testing materials.

BRUCC is located on floor 0 of building C at the VUB Main Campus in Etterbeek.

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Physiotherapy at Kinetiek

The expert team of the Kinetiek group practice provides physiotherapy services at the VUB Main Campus, from occupational rehabilitation to osteopathy and manual therapy, as well as sports physio and guidance, personal training and ergonomic advice.

The spacious and modern practice is located at U-residence, right next to the sports complex, along Generaal Jacqueslaan.

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