Your remuneration

Your relevant experience

Your relevant work experience with previous employers can be taken into account to determine your salary. The salary scales are mentioned in the offer with the vacancy text, and can be found below. As you can see, the salary does definitely grow. Your career can also advance, which can give you another financial push.

End-of-year bonus and holiday pay

You are entitled to this bonus if you were employed before October of the current year.

The bonus is calculated from your November salary, the regime and the number of months worked from January to September. The percentage is between 59% and 80%.

As in most companies, you will also have holiday pay. This amounts to 92% of your gross pay. You are entitled to additional holiday pay if you have not accrued your full entitlement (for example, if you worked for the government, are at the start of your career or are self-employed).

Grade/degree End-of-year allowance
ZAP, AAP 535, BAP 535, Management & Professionals from grade 10 onwards 59 percent
Management & Professionals grade 6, 7, 8, 9 and AAP 502, BAP 502 67 percent
Management & Professionals grade 3, 4, 5 73 percent
Management & Professionals grade 2 80 percent


Group insurance

If you are employed as 'management & professional staff', VUB saves a tidy monthly sum for you, which you receive at retirement age; it also covers death.

Our pension insurance is so advantageous that it rivals that of a public official. 

We also support you financially in the case of illness (depending on your status): after the first 30 days of guaranteed pay, you can rely on a benefit from the health insurance fund with a supplement from the insurance, meaning that you will receive up to 75% of your salary.

Your mobility

Reimbursement of public transport commuting

Travelling by train, bus, metro or tram? We will pay for your public transport. The formula we use depends on your situation (e.g. flex-train subscription for hybrid workers, Brupass for Brussels residents).

We also provide free parking on campus.

Bicycle allowance

Do you commute (part of the way) to work by bike? You are entitled to a bicycle allowance of €0.35 per kilometre, for which you can apply once a year.

Your health

Affordable medical assistance

Doctors, dentists and specialists? You'll find them on or around our VUB campuses.

More info on services on the VUB campus can be found here


Hospitalisation insurance

Excellent hospitalisation insurance through the Vanbreda HealthCare app, and the option to include children as well as your partner at a reduced rate of 5.5 euros per child and 11 euros per adult. You can continue the insurance after retirement.


Outpatient care costs are reimbursed at the rate of of 250 euros per affiliated member for all consultations with doctors or dentists on our campuses or at polyclinics affiliated with UZ Brussel, Kinetics, group practice, etc.

Flu vaccine

In November, a free flu shot is available at the Ixelles or Jette campus, with no need to take leave.

Campus meals

Meals at a competitive rate

See what's available

Depending on your degree/grade, you will pay between 4.1 and 6.3 euros for soup, main course, salad bar and dessert.


Highly discounted sports options, such as a preferential rate on a BasicFit subscription. You can enjoy the swimming pool on campus, preferential rates on the sports facilities and an interesting sports offer at reduced rates on campus.

Read more about sports at VUB

Your balance and free time

Work from home

We promote working from home wherever teams allow this. Most of our staff work half of their time from home, up to 3 days a week. It makes sense to us to work in confidence with a focus on staying connected. Home workers receive a home working allowance of 50 euros gross. If you cannot work from home, you are entitled to an internet allowance.

Workation? Perfectly possible! If your position allows, you can work from your vacation spot (in Europe) up to 30 calendar days a year.


Based on one full year of full-time work, you will enjoy 35 days of leave and 3 extra days off. We also close between Christmas and the New Year.

We offer tax-deductible Sports and Project Camps for the children of our employees (from 3 to 15 years of age) on the campus in Ixelles and Jette, in the Easter and summer holidays. VUB gives employees a discount of 8 euro per day.


Child day care

Near the campus in Ixelles and on the campus in Jette, there is a day care centre offering priority places to VUB staff members. However, the day care itself is not free of charge.

Read more about VUB child day care here



We provide ecocheques worth €240 per year worked (for full-time employees).

Discounts through Benefits@Work

VUB Benefits at Work is the benefits platform for VUB employees, a user-friendly app with an extensive range of selected employee discounts. Well-known brands and popular theme parks make every effort to offer their products and services on exceptionally good terms.