Our campus, a green spot

We are hard at work renovating our buildings and their surroundings. In the design phase, we look for the most sustainable approach, keeping everyoneโ€™s needs in mind. Our aim is to find a place on our campuses for every person, plant and animal. 

Find out how we try to keep our city and planet liveable for people and nature on our Living Campus Walk, a green walk through our grounds. How do we limit climate change while preparing ourselves and our campus for a future with a more extreme climate characterised by heat waves, droughts or heavy rainfall?โ€ฏ 

As the name suggests, the Living Campus Walk is alive: as the campus evolves, species are discovered and climate-projects spring up like mushrooms. We invite you to explore nature and our green initiatives on campus, and encourage you to keep on enjoying and caring for this unique ecosystem.

Letโ€™s walk the Living Campus Walk