Three brands, three house styles

As an organisation, we have chosen to raise the visibility of our brand by always using the VUB logo in all communications about the partnerships, initiatives and activities in which we are involved. For each of our five key brands we have also developed a separate house style guide. Download the house style guide to discover the basic style elements are (logo, colour use, imagery, font and writing tone of voiceโ€ฆ) and how to be sure that you always apply these basic style elements in all your communications.

... each with an accompanying logo

Looking for the logo for one of these five VUB brands? You can easily download them from our DIY house style platform, in the file format and size you need.

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About the house style DIY platform

Are you a student or a member of staff? On the house style DIY platform youโ€™ll find all the templates and logos you need in order to ensure that you include the right branding on all your communications, if youโ€™re preparing name cards, posters, invitations, letterheads, email signatures, PowerPoint presentations, etc. 

To the platform

Do you need to provide editable material to an external design partner so that he can create and deliver your products using the correct house style Simply send an email to and we will send you a ZIP file* containing the logo(s), font(s), colours and a number of different editable templates with the correct design layout.

* There are four ZIP files available (containing all the elements for the VUB house style, the VUB-ULB house style, the EUTOPIA house style, and the โ€˜The World Needs Youโ€™ house style).

MarCom catalogue

Curious to find out about other VUB products and services you can use to communicate correctly and efficiently? Youโ€™ll find an overview of all the various elements included within our house style and how you can use them to best effect in the VUBโ€™s Marketing, Communication & Events departmentโ€™s catalogue.

Download (as a PDF)


Do you have a question about the correct usage of our logos or other elements of our house style, access to the DIY platform, our web shop or staff shop etc.? Just get in touch via