From policy statement to strategy

Quite a few new construction sites have been set up at VUB in recent years, in a literal and figurative sense, under the rectorship of honorary rector Caroline Pauwels. As can be read in his policy statement, rector Jan Danckaert will continue on the same path and will focus on the following priorities:   

The policy statement, with which Rector Jan Danckaert was elected as her successor, continues on the same path and contains the following spearheads:

  • Maintain and reinforce the positioning as an Urban Engaged University
  • Optimize the scale
  • Fine-tune the internal organization
  • Working on well-being, recognition and appreciation
  • Remain competitive in research, innovation and valorisation
  • Optimise education and student policy
  • Strengthen partnerships

Would you like to know more about the strategic direction VUB will be taking in the coming years? And are you curious about how we want to achieve our policy goals? You can read it in the rector's Policy Statement

What's the difference between a Policy Plan and a General Strategic Plan?

The Policy Plan describes the course the rector wants to follow during his/her term of office (a period of four years).

The General Strategic Plan describes the plan of action to shape this policy plan.

The Strategy and Policy Department (STBE) assists the rector at the strategic and policy-preparing level in the development of the General Strategic Plan. Its tasks can be divided into several core tasks, which can be summarised as support in the formulation, design, monitoring, evaluation, adjustment and, if necessary, execution of policy. This support is provided within the following topics: strategy, project, financial, campus, data, and transversal.