There are a number of different services you can contact in an emergency.

Who's there for you in case of emergency?


You can report any cases of inappropriate behaviour knowing your case will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Who helps you to file a report?

Talk about it

Even if all you want to do is talk to someone about it, we are there to help you.

Whom can you talk to about it?

What is transgressive behaviour?

Transgressive behaviour covers every form of undesirable behaviour that you might encounter in the workplace or your study environment. Specifically, it refers to any form of verbal or physical violence, bullying, unwanted sexual acts, intimidation, racism or discrimination.

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What is VUB’s position?

At VUB, we say No Way to criminal offences and inappropriate behaviour. As a university, we want to do our best to prevent and combat such behaviour. But if incidents do occur, then we offer a clear and professional set of procedures for all those involved. Because You Are Not Alone.

How do we respond?

VUB provides support to those who have experienced inappropriate behaviour, and will bring in both internal and external units to provide assistance. At the same time, we also support the counsellors who pool their expertise, support and assistance within an internal network.

What is the limits awareness policy (Grenswijs)?

VUB’s new policy for student life on and off campus offers the tools needed in order to be able to deal with sexuality in a healthy and positive way. The aim of the limits awareness policy, known as Grenswijs, is both to encourage positive behaviour and to discourage and prevent behaviour that is unacceptable. Flemish expertise centre for sexual health Sensoa’s Flag System is an evidence-based tool that establishes the guidelines for the policy.

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What happens in a disciplinary procedure?

If all other efforts have not resulted in an acceptable solution to a problem, it is possible to initiate a disciplinary procedure. This can also be done in the case of serious offences where mediation is impossible. The disciplinary procedure is intended to achieve a resolution and/or to redress the damage or injury caused. It can also result in disciplinary action and/or measures against the person(s) concerned.   

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How can we work together?

By adopting a focused prevention policy, VUB wishes first and foremost to try to put a stop to inappropriate behaviour. We want every member of our community to become an active bystander. With the right knowledge and tools, they can help their colleagues and fellow students to eliminate all forms of inappropriate behaviour within the community. Awareness and open communication are key if we want to achieve this.

Responding to transgressive behaviour

How do you react if a (fellow) student decides to share a story about transgressive behaviour? What do you do if you witness transgressive behaviour or when you suspect transgressive behaviour?

We work with the flag system developed by Flemish expertise centre for sexual wellbeing Sensoa to promote wanted behaviour and prevent unwanted transgressive behaviour. With this method you can learn to gauge sexually transgressive behaviour and react appropriately to prevent such behaviour in the future. Bystander trainings make sure the VUB community learns to pick up on signals of transgressive behaviour and react accordingly. These trainings are a part of the VUB training offer.

Students and staff can also use the following infographics:

Responding to  transgressive behaviour
Witnessing transgressive behaviour
Suspecting transgressive behaviour