Centre for General Welfare Work

Have you been the victim of or witness to a crime or traumatic incident? Victim Support offers you integrated psychological and legal support and will help you come to terms and start to recover after a crime or traumatic incident. You can talk to them about what has happened to you. You will receive an explanation of what the potential reactions may be, and about both the recovery process and the legal procedures.

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Making a complaint or reporting a crime

If you have been the victim of a crime, you can report this at any time to the police. It is best to do this as soon as possible after the event has taken place, so that the police have as much detailed information as possible about the facts (time, place, description of the suspect) and the injury or damage suffered, but also so that they can collect forensic evidence, if this is required.  

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Helpline 1712

If you have been the victim of violence or unwanted sexual contact and you would like to share your story (anonymously), you can contact 1712 either by phone or chat. A qualified counsellor is there to listen to your story, and can provide you with information and a referral if you wish. 

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Sexual Assault Centre

If the sexual assault occurred less than one week ago (and if possible, within 72 hours), then as a victim you can go directly in person to the Sexual Assault Centre, or call or send an email, to immediately receive the necessary medical, forensic and psychological care. If the assault took place more than a week ago, you can still call or mail to make an appointment. If you wish, you can also file a complaint with the police.

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Have you been the victim or witness to discrimination, racism or hate messages? In this case, you should contact UNIA. This is an independent public institution that fights discrimination and is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all. They can support you by providing information, advice, mediation, or by initiating legal proceedings.  

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Institute for the Equality of Women and Men

This federal government institution is responsible for protecting and promoting equality between women and men. You can go there free of charge, if you have been the victim of or if you are a witness of gender discrimination.

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First line legal assistance

For first line legal assistance you should contact the Brussels Bar. Students are also welcome at the Brussels Law School Consultancy where they can obtain free advice from law students.