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Report it counsellors: Sofie and Elly

The reporting centre is there for you

The reporting centre consists of two counsellors: Sofie and Elly. We work on appointment, you can contact us to schedule a convenient moment:

Why is it important to report inappropriate behaviour?

As a student, colleague or campus visitor, you can report inappropriate behaviour by another student, colleague or campus visitor. Harassment, sexual harassment and violence can affect your well-being, your mental and physical health and the quality of your work or studies. A report may be a first step towards a solution. Reporting an incident also sends a signal to policy makers at the university. The reporting centre is bound by professional secrecy, which means that you can tell someone exactly what has happened in complete confidence.

When should I contact the reporting centre?

The reporting centre will take the time to listen carefully to your story, in complete confidentiality.

The reporting centre can give you information and advice as to the possible next steps following an incident of transgressive behaviour. The reporting centre can also accompany you through those next steps.

The reporting centre can also refer you to an internal or external follow up procedure (e.g. disciplinary procedure for VUB students, or to the police).

The reporting centre can also refer you for specialised help (medical, legal, psychological…).

What does the reporting centre not do?

Contacting the VUB reporting centre is not the same as a filing a complaint. If you report a case of inappropriate behaviour, further action will not automatically be taken. The reporting centre will however examine the possibilities together with you.

The reporting centre will not file a complaint with the police on your behalf, but will support you in the steps you need to take if you wish to do this.

The reporting centre is not authorised to impose sanctions or disciplinary measures on potential perpetrators (e.g. a campus or student accommodation ban, a contact ban...).

The reporting centre does not offer psychological or therapeutic help or support.

How to take initial contact?

Initial contact

You choose yourself the channel you prefer to use to take initial contact. You can send an email or call, or you can make an appointment directly in the online agenda. Your email will be forwarded to a counsellor who is bound by professional confidentiality. If you are in need of immediate medical or psychological assistance, you can also contact one of the emergency services at VUB.

Confidential meeting

Whenever you contact the reporting centre, you will always be invited for a confidential meeting. It is entirely up to you whether you accept this invitation or not. The meeting may take place in a discreet location on the VUB Main Campus in Etterbeek or on the VUB Health Campus in Jette, or it may be a meeting that takes place either digitally or by telephone.

At this confidential meeting, we will take time to listen attentively to your story. The counsellor at the reporting centre will discuss with you how the matter can be mediated or resolved, and whether a particular procedure or additional assistance is recommended.  

Your call

The possible further steps are also determined by what and who the report is about, and who submitted it. The counsellor at the reporting centre will inform and advise you on the possible further steps and guide you in the process. It is entirely up to you to decide the steps to take.

You can also report undesirable behaviour without taking further steps. But even if you do not wish to initiate further proceedings, it is advisable to report unwanted behaviour. This allows us to develop a good prevention policy and avoid future incidents.

Once a year, the Student Council, the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work, and the Board of Directors are informed of the number of reports received. This is done entirely anonymously. The purpose is to keep track of the number of reports submitted every year, and to take appropriate preventive measures wherever necessary.

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