Diensten hulp en security Securitas aan het poseren voor het gebouw Pilar op Campus Etterbeek

Emergency numbers

The role of the security team

In life-threatening situations or if you require urgent medical assistance on campus, please call the campus security emergency numbers immediately. They can be contacted 24/7 to assure safety at VUB. They give first aid and will guide the emergency services on campus if necessary.

Campus security emergency numbers

​​​​In other cases, call the ordinary number for campus security.

General emergency numbers
Ambulance 112
Police 101
Fire brigade 112
Poison centre +32 70 245 245
Burns centres +32 2 268 62 00


Looking for another emergency number?

You can find an overview of all Belgian emergency numbers on noodnummer.be

First aid and the VUB security service

The VUB security guards are trained in first aid and they are the ones who can contact the emergency services if necessary.

To respond to cardiac arrest, defibrillators are available on the campuses.

Emergency procedures

In case of incidents

Campus security is the first point of contact for incidents on campus.

In case of emergencies

In life-threatening situations of if urgent medical assistance is required, phone the emergency numbers.

In case of fire

The VUB buildings are equipped with fire detection systems. In every building, the emergency exits and evacuation procedures are clearly displayed. When the alarm sounds, go calmly to the nearest evacuation point.

In case of crisis situations

In crisis situations the VUB crisis team meets and discusses a response with the authorities. They may decide to close additional entrances or to take special measures.

Always follow the instructions given by the security guards or VUB staff. The crisis communication team communicates via VUB Today and the official social media channels.

Personal emergencies

Personal crisis

Do you feel that after a particular event you are losing your self-control? Do you feel that you can no longer cope and need help as soon as possible? This may happen, for example, after:

  • the end of a relationship
  • a death
  • the divorce of your parents
  • an eviction
  • sudden financial or legal problems
  • a conflict with someone
  • an accident

In the case of a personal emergency, you can, in all discretion, call on several of the university’s emergency services, both medical and psychological.

These bodies can also provide you with quick help.

CAW Brussels

During office hours you can contact the reception of the Brussels General Welfare Centres (CAW Brussels) in person, by telephone, by e-mail or through the chat line.

Contact CAW Brussels


Outside office hours Tele-Onthaal can be reached by telephone (24/7) at the number 106. In the evening you can also use the chat box.

Contact Tele-Onthaal