Available channels

Check out the different options we offer to communicate to our students.

Event or news post WeAreVUB

Are you organising an activity for students? Or do you have some interesting news for the student community? Post your event or news report on WeAreVUB student portal.

Mail your request to info@vub.be

Announcement on campus screens

Would you like to announce an activity on the plasma screens on campus? Send us a PowerPoint file or image in the format 'widescreen: 16:9' and we will post the news on the screens.

Make sure your visual contains some crucial info like for example a date, time, location and a QR-code leading people to find more info about your event or subject.

Submit your request 

Face to face communication and events

Even in the digital age, you will find that verbal communication and an offline network are crucial! An appealing stand on campus or at a major event is a good way to reach your fellow students. At the beginning of the academic year, there's the Kick Off and throughout the year, you can organise activities on the Esplanade. For this, you need permission. 

Request permission for an activity on the Esplanade 

Student newsletter & social media

The student newsletter is generally sent out on the first and third Thursday of the month. The topics for the newsletter (and VUB social media) are decided a week in advance, partly through WeAreVUB Students. Would you like us to include your news? Send it at least 2 weeks in advance, or 3 weeks to be on the safe side.

Send your request to info@vub.be

Posters & flyers

The notice boards and notice poles on and around VUB campuses are reserved for recognised associations, BSG gtgv, de Moeial, Vrij Onderzoek study circle and the Student Council. View the map for an overview of the locations.

The Ad Valvas boards in the faculty secretariats and the poster boards in building D, building L, entrance of building Q, building A (VUB Health Campus), the student restaurant and the library are free for anyone to use. You can always ask permission to put up your poster in Bar Pilar, Opinio and the Complex. More information can be found in the Codex Student Life.

Permission to hand out flyers on the Esplanade can be requested online.


Do you need advice on communication to start a successful campaign? Contact Student Information.

Here you can find some tips & tricks: 

  • Golden tip: check out other news reports/slides/posts and mimic the style.
  • Please remember that the staff at Student Information have the right to refuse (parts of) your application on the basis of content.
  • Allow a processing time of at least 2 working days.

Looking for respondents?

In the context of their Bachelor's paper, Master's thesis or PhD, many students look for respondents to bring their research project to a succesful conclusion. VUB gets many requests to help spread surveys or questionnaires to our students. However to protect our students from an overload of emails, we do not send out any e-mails or announcements for this purpose.

Students indicate that they only wish to receive relevant information from the VUB. Therefore we restrict the news flow to necessary messages about the study programme, guidance and student life. We do not distribute surveys or make announcements via any of our channels.