A clear framework

Alcohol and possibly other substances are not immediately new to most students. We see that psychoactive substances such as drugs and alcohol are popular among students. But in a context where students are faced with new challenges - a new learning and living environment, a different way of studying and working, more independence and freedom - it is not always obvious to use such substances responsibly.

Students at the VUB flagged their own concerns about substance use among students. With the new substance abuse policy, we create clarity around what will and will not be tolerated: the VUB does not tolerate cannabis and other illegal drugs on its campuses and within its community.

Beyond this clear framework, we want VUB to be a safe and constructive environment that encourages healthy choices. For those students for whom prevention is insufficient, we want to provide adequate and accessible care and counselling.

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Vosje als dronken student

Party wisely

Part of student life is the occasional good party. How else are you supposed to know which music is 'hot and happening’ or which party venues in bustling Brussels are worth visiting? Safe and healthy partying is not difficult. Just use your common sense and have fun. 

Tips to party safely

Information intoxication

Inform yourself about a product and its risks

Starting higher education kicks off a new chapter in the lives of many young people. In this new phase of life, young people do experiment more often with all kinds of substances such as alcohol and drugs. Not all use is problematic. But substance use does carry a wide variety of risks. Every 'drug' has a risk of abuse and addiction. The more and the more often a person uses, the greater the risks. But even 'occasional' use can also carry serious health risks.

Pillen en drugs
Typically, drugs can lead to dependence.
  • You are likely to revisit the effect and intoxication of a particular drug, or stronger on a regular basis. When you start using more and more, there is a risk of becoming mentally dependent or addicted. 
  • With some drugs, the body can get used to a certain amount so you have to use more and more to feel the same effects. This creates the risk of becoming physically dependent as well.

Every kind of drug has its own effects, and has its own risks. Those effects and risks may also be different for everyone. Want to know more about this? Check out the drugs ABC


Need help?

Are you worried about a friend, loved one or yourself and looking for help? You can contact the following people and agencies inside and outside VUB: